Well, I’ve been thinking of what I really want to do now and decided that I love videogame music, also feel quite mad when I send music to labels and been rejected because I have “too many notes”. Really for me having more notes is more fun, it’s like playing a videogame in hard and not easy. Why does everything needs to be easy? Are you stupid?

Well I decided I’m going my own way with my music and promote it for a gamer market. I’m calling this Gamer EDM and I start this with this Undertale remix I uploaded to my Youtube Channel.

In this case this is not that “EDM”, but an extreme taken for videogame music. This is actually almost the same as the original song but with more modern sounds. But as my Gamer EDM goes, still big room, it’s very melodic but it has lots of changes and more complexity than normal EDM.

My next release “Looking Up” it’s coming soon! It’s released on March 31st. This would be my first release on this genre.

You can listen more of this music in my playlist on Spotify: