Well, as some of you already seen some of my Instagram Stories, I’ve tell the story of how this song got rejected from all the major labels because they said it has too many notes and was difficult to follow. I think this kind of mentality is the one that makes all the music to sound the same these days.

Why does the melody needs to be simple? We are not making advertising, we are making a fun track. Even if you can’t follow the melody, you can get inside of a fast trip of bombing of sounds and quick stimulus. I think it sounds cool, even cooler than trying to sing to a synth right? For singing, this track also has a lyric so that one it’s very easy to follow.

For the music video I decided I wanted to use that “too many notes” factor to make it more evident with images. I edited the video myself and tried to follow the drop melody with editing cuts, which was kind of hard because some beats didn’t matched a specific frame.

The track was released by me in Atomik Records, so this is the first release I’m promoting big as a self release, because I want this to be a new style of EDM with hard melodics, and more focus on storytelling that actual loops. For this time I’m promoting this music as Gamer EDM because I think gamer market would understand this, because it’s like a videogame in hard more, fast but fun to follow.