I was with my friend at my studio working on my Fiverr orders when we got a sudden order from a client. He didn’t asked for any demo or sample of the work, he just bought the most expensive package on my Fiverr gig. I was a little surprise by this and wanted to research a bit further about this client and found that he asked about a Jonas Aden sounding track which was kind of suspicious, cause normally people ask for stuff like Tiesto or Martin Garrix, also he had a very funny description and stated that he had 2 mothers? (nobody writes that in a profile description haha), also noted that his name was basically Jonas backwards (Anton Sanoj). I knew Jonas so, I thought it might be him because I’ve already seen this kind of Fiverr videos on other bloggers, and it’s the kind of content he would release on his channel but I wasn’t sure and more than a month passed until a friend wrote me and showed me this video:

When I first saw this, I was a bit afraid of the content, cause this is used many times to ridiculize the seller, but as many other people wrote me too, then I think I gave a good impression so I saw it inmediatly.

I was surprised to know I was the most expensive purchase of Jonas Aden, and also the best track of his video, which worked for me like straight from heaven advertising. I’m very grateful to Jonas for this actually.

After this lots of people has been writing me on Fiverr and Instagram asking me for producing their tracks and many others ask me to release the track I made for Jonas, but that I can’t do since he bought it I got no rights to distribute that. I’m also very careful with my ghost clients but in this case Jonas exposed me voluntarily so nothing to hide here.

Now I’m working on a similar track so I can release on my own, I encorage you to follow me on instagram mainly to get news of my new releases.