In this first post I want to explain more in depth what the concept of my tracks are about.

I’m a bit tired of the mainstream music talking always about the same: love, sex, party and showing-off. I thought that you can make music about almost everything, you can make a song about your dog, about your school, about the cartoons you like, or even invent some new worlds to make your story take place in. Since the regular listener of pop music has a very short attention span if the track isn’t simple enough it won’t catch people’s attention, however it’s one of the reasons all the music sounds the same nowadays.

My idea is to implement the concept in the track without making it very complex, it can be a small element or even a whole track but I try that most of my tracks have a concept behind. Magnetic is a perfect example of this, since the melody seems to go to the fundamental note and then try to escape but it can’t so it goes back again, just like a magnet. Or the irony behind “Winter” my biggest hit, since the genre is called “Tropical House” and has to do with summer time, the song is called winter.

My upcoming track “Sketch” is a parody of simple melodies in bounce, so it’s characterized by a sketch drawing and some cynical cartoonish sound effects.

When the track is not about something clearly conceptual, then I try to include something fun in the melody structure itself. Sometimes it is making a bit more complex melody or using unusual chords. My track “Jammin” is another example for a conceptual track, since the drop is represented as a “synth solo” that never repeats, so it breaks on the loop:

This is why my project can be so versatile, because I don’t use a specific sound, but a concept, then the sound can change from track to track, but the vibe and the concept still there so you know it’s me.

I always say that my set is more like going to the movies than to a fraternity party.